Why Should Hotels and Resorts use Wastewater Management Systems?

Did you know that untreated sewage from hotels and resorts is dumped into the environment causing the number of nutrition in drinking water to decrease?

Pollutants such as pesticides, fertilizers, garbage from landfills, and sewage treatment plant damage groundwater and render it unsafe to drink.

It can be difficult, impossible, and costly to remove pollutants from groundwater. Aquifers can become unusable for decades or even thousands of years after they have been poisoned.

Hotels and resorts emit a large amount of wastewater per day to the environment including harmful substances that can be harmful to humans and aquatic life. This will thoroughly affect the increased water bill and increases the cost and affect the revenue of the hotel or the resort.

Nowadays many hotels are not connected to a public sewerage system, so a sewage treatment plant is a must. Because a sewage treatment plant, also known as a wastewater treatment plant or a water pollution control facility, can remove the majority of contaminants from sewage/wastewater in just a few hours before it is discharged into the environment or reused.

We can treat wastewater before discharging it into the environment as a solution for this.

Wastewater treatment is the process of transforming wastewater into water that may be discharged back into the natural environment when it has served its purpose. In other words, it is the process of transforming spent water into water that is safe for the environment.

The fundamental goal of wastewater treatment or wastewater management is to dispose of human and industrial sewage without endangering human health, and aquatic life or harming the natural environment. These hazardous materials must be removed from the water and carefully handled, necessitating wastewater treatment. The qualities of wastewater and how it must be treated are determined by its source.

Before it is clean enough to be properly discharged into waterways, sewage or wastewater from hotels goes through a few treatment steps where most solid and organic contaminants are removed. The treated water can either be utilized for other purposes or disposed of after treatment.

Importance of wastewater treatment in hotel industries that will help you to become sustainable in 2022

Benefits the environment

Since all the wastewater is released into natural water reservoirs such as lakes, rivers, and oceans the water gets contaminated. This polluted water is consumed by crops and animals. To protect the health of many different ecosystems, wastewater treatment is very crucial.

Recycled water

Since factories and industries require a huge amount of water every day for different processes, water recycling is the best solution. Any wastewater treated by plants is pure enough to be utilized again. This process saves hundreds of liters of water.

Grey-water reuse and recycling

Greywater, generally defined as wastewater from showers, baths, basins, and washing machines, is generally easier to treat than municipal wastewater, generating interest in its reuse and recycling. Typical applications for its reuse are toilet flushing, irrigation, and other non-potable uses.

Water utilities in hotels:

  • Swimming pools
  • Spas
  • Boiler
  • Golf courses

Energy Production

The sludge collected during the wastewater treatment process contains a large amount of biodegradable material. These materials can be used to generate electricity and other energy. The energy generated here can be used in wastewater treatment plants making it self-sustainable.

Save you from heavy fines

Help decrease your water bill and cost and increase your revenue per month.

By using treated wastewater without knowing you are helping to keep the environment and ocean clean.

This is why you should choose a wastewater management system as the best solution for this major issue. Recycling wastewater to reuse for several purposes, preserving water which is a critical and essential factor for living.

By treating wastewater before discharging it to the environment you will not only increase your revenue and reduce cost but also prevent harmful substances from entering the environment as the water is treated before being released.

How can Daiki Axis help in treating wastewater?

Daiki Axis is a company that provides modernized equipment for treating wastewater along with the management of the process. By treating and reusing your wastewater you can save time while sustaining your hotel or resort. To know more about Daiki Axis you can contact us at info@daiki-axis.com or visit our website www.daikiaxis.lk.

Make your hotel or resort sustainable in 2022 by reusing treated wastewater.

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