Understanding the Innovative Solutions Provided by Daiki Axis in Wastewater Treatment

Daiki Axis: Pioneering Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Daiki Axis. is a leading wastewater treatment company that has been providing innovative solutions for over six decades. Founded on July 12, 1958, the company has its headquarters in Matsuyama and Tokyo and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Section. With a turnover of 350 million USD in December 2021 and over 1000 employees, Daiki Axis has established itself as a leader in the industry.

The company has a subsidiary in Sri Lanka, Daiki Axis Environment PVT.LTD, which is a 100% investment by Daiki Axis Singapore. The Sri Lanka subsidiary started operations in March 2021 and has installed 200 units with over 300 maintenance customers. Daiki Axis takes complete responsibility for their JOHKASOU product, which is of the same quality as their products in Japan but at a lower cost. The company operates four factories, including one in China which started operations in December 2018, one in Indonesia which started in December 2015, and one in India which started in December 2019. The Sri Lanka factory started operations in October 2022.

The JOHKASOU STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) is a high-quality product that uses gravity flow and a small blower to constantly treat the water. The plant separates solid and liquid waste based on their gravity and uses anaerobic media for the growth of microorganisms that decompose the organic material in domestic wastewater. The moving bed chamber is filled with moving bed media that moves with blower aeration, taking up 40-50% of the volume. A disinfectant is used as a sterilization agent to kill pathogenic microorganisms in the treated water before it is discharged into the environment. The sedimentation and circulation chamber allows for the re-treatment of the water, with multiple treatments before the water is sent to the second anaerobic chamber for denitrification.

Daiki Axis follows the regulations set by the Johkasou Act, with steps for proper STP installation. These include the installation of Johkasou, approval of Johkasou models, operation and maintenance of Johkasou, Johkasou business for installation and operation and maintenance, and the use of nationally qualified Johkasou technicians. The plant has a capacity of 2400 units per year and has already installed more than 350 JOHKASOU in 2022.

However, it is important to note that incorrect usage of JOHKASOU can lead to decreased performance, higher operating costs, and misunderstandings about the product in Sri Lanka. It is crucial to follow the regulations set by the Johkasou Act and avoid incorrect usage to ensure optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

In conclusion, Daiki Axis is a leading company in the wastewater treatment industry, providing high-quality products and innovative solutions. With a subsidiary in Sri Lanka and operations in multiple countries, the company has a strong presence in the industry and is committed to providing environmentally responsible solutions. If you’re in need of a reliable and efficient wastewater treatment solution, consider Daiki Axis for all your needs.

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