Regular Johkasou Models

Daiki Axis offers a range of regular Johkasou models designed for efficient industrial sewage management and industrial wastewater treatment in Sri Lanka. These models are equipped to handle high loads, ensuring swift treatment processes while requiring minimal maintenance.

One of the key benefits of these Johkasou models is their ability to remove Nitrogen through the anaerobic filter chamber, enhancing the treatment efficiency. Additionally, the separation box allows for storing sludge in high concentrations, reducing the need for frequent sludge removal to just once every 6-12 months.

The versatility of Daiki Axis' regular Johkasou models lies in their three available styles and body types – capsule chamber, cylindrical chambers of φ2170, and φ2500. This variety enables meeting various water quality criteria and addressing different installation space requirements, catering to diverse needs.

Moreover, the incorporation of energy-saving blowers ensures that running costs remain low, making this Johkasou models an economical choice for efficient wastewater treatment in industrial settings. With high-load treatment capabilities, easy maintenance, and cost-effectiveness, Daiki Axis' regular Johkasou models are a reliable solution for industrial sewage management and wastewater treatment.


Note - Any other tolerance levels can be supplied as per customer requirement

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In addition to standard sizes and models, any capacity can be supplied as per customer requirement

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