Introduction to wastewater

What’s wastewater? Wastewater is basically used water. We use water for many purposes and this belongs to both domestic and commercial usages. Water used for domestic purposes includes water from sinks, showers, bathtubs, toilets, washing machines, and dishwashers. And businesses and industries to use water for various reasons.

In common, If we didn’t treat the billions of gallons of wastewater and sewage created every day before releasing it back into the environment, nature would be unable to handle even the smallest amounts of water waste and pollution.

As a result of this issue, a method was found to change the used water to usable water. And this method is known as ‘Wastewater Treatment’. This is an effective way of collecting wastewater and preparing it to be used for some other purpose.

2 Ways Wastewater Treatment Facilities Can Increase Your Wealth

Environmental Way

Around the world, a lot of wastewater treatment facilities struggle to follow laws put in place by the government. Using obsolete facilities and not having adequate wastewater treatment facilities are not conducive to a sustainable future. When referring to “becoming rich” in an environmental sense, what is meant is, investing in our children’s future and the one and only planet we call home.

Social Way

Consider increasing your efforts in environmental protection and the management of industrial waste if the social reputation of your brand and business is significant to you. In social media, newspapers, and TV, it can have a significant impact. Building the appropriate social image for your company can literally make you rich in today’s environment, where social media is thought as the most effective marketing tool.

What are the 3 Johkasou models in Daiki Axis?

Domestic Johkasou model– As domestic wastewater is rising day by day from human activity such as cooking, bathing, washing, hand cleaning, and vessel washing, Daiki Axis has come up with Domestic Johkasou models for domestic sewage and wastewater treatment to treat domestic wastewater.

Regular Johkasou model– Daiki Axis’ standard Johkasou models for industrial sewage management and wastewater treatment provide high-load, swift treatment, and simple maintenance. With the help of its anaerobic filter chamber, nitrogen can be eliminated. In the separating box, sludge can be kept in high concentration. The sludge has to be drawn only once in every 6 or 12 months.

Advanced Johkasou model– Advanced Johkasou models are offered to manage industrial sewage and wastewater treatment. Low electricity consumption, no additional chemicals needed. Very low maintenance cost. No separate operator needed.

Daiki Axis Sri Lanka, a leading supplier of wastewater treatment systems, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wastewater treatment systems As a totally owned subsidiary of Daiki Japan, Daiki Axis provides Japanese Johkasou models to meet the needs depending on residential and industrial levels.

Choosing Daiki Axis’ wastewater management technology allows architects to ease people’s living conditions while also adding value to their brand name.

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