How is Daiki Axis Transforming Wastewater Treatment with Innovative Technologies and Sustainable Solutions?

Water is the lifeline of humankind. We use water every single day like breathing. But have we ever paused for a second and thought of where the used water goes? Rarely.

We humans collectively use tons of water daily and create tons of wastewater. We call it the ‘sewage’.

Nature has its own way of purifying wastewater. Still, it takes comparatively a long time, especially with the massive amount of sewage society produces and the additional pollution in the wastewater.

So we are doing a favour to ourselves and nature by treating the wastewater, removing toxic elements from it and releasing it back to where it came from.

The fundamental goal of wastewater treatment is to eliminate as many suspended solids as possible before releasing the remaining water back into the environment. Moreover, the importance of wastewater treatment is keeping our environment sustainable enough for the future.

Since ancient times there have been wastewater treatment methods, the refined version of which is the traditional wastewater treatment plants. They are only adaptable and optimal in some circumstances – especially in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, most of the wastewater is produced on the urban side. On the urban side, there are very few opportunities to establish traditional wastewater treatment plants because they require extensive outdoor facilities, time and money to maintain the processes sustainably. Although the method cleans the wastewater, it could be more efficient and cost-effective. 

That’s where Daiki Axis enters the stage, and Daiki outsmarts the traditional water treatment plant process in Sri Lanka.

Let’s dive into the question, “How?”

Daiki provides advanced Johkasou models. In Japanese, the word “Johkasou” means “purification tank.” It simply explains it all. Doesn’t it?

Daiki’s Johkasou is an innovative technology and a sustainable solution for treating wastewater efficiently. Johanson Technology functions based on the primary concept of transforming wastewater into reusable water.

Daiki’s Johkasou Models incorporate the following processes;

Wastewater purification
Sedimentation separation
Anaerobic Motion
Flowing, moving and aerobic processes

Daiki’s Johkasou wastewater treatment systems come in 3 categories;

  • Domestic Wastewater Treatment

For domestic sewage and wastewater treatment to treat domestic wastewater.

  • Regular Johkasou Models 

For industrial sewage management and wastewater treatment, it provides high-load and rapid treatment; it is available in three styles and body kinds, allowing it to fulfill a variety of water quality parameters and installation space requirements. Energy-efficient blowers keep operating expenses down.

  • Advanced Johkasou Models

To manage Industrial sewage and wastewater treatment. 

Furthermore, Daiki’s expertise design treatment procedures that include organic and inorganic treatments, membrane filtration and separation, electro-winning, chemical precipitation, and vacuum degasification.

The above models don’t have overflows like conventional tanks do, and they don’t emit any harmful gases, bacteria, or insects of any kind.

In fact, more than 26% of Sewage in Japan (considered one of the most efficient countries in the world) is treated through Johkasou systems. So, say no more!

Daiki Axis Technologies and Solutions, which are innovative and, most importantly, sustainable, are game changers that make Daiki Axis the leading company among all wastewater treatment companies in Sri Lanka with its 60 years of trusted service providing the most technologically advanced wastewater management solutions at the most affordable costs.

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