Green Elegance

Home Lands (Pvt) Ltd. was established in 2003 by four individuals with the goal of building a market leader in the real estate industry that is committed to enhancing the quality of life while providing a range of essential and complementary property services to those that they served.

Green Elegance Thalawathugoda was built by Home Lands Skyline Private Ltd which was founded by Home Lands (Pvt) Ltd as a residential development division.


At the initial stage, they only had a traditional sewerage pit installed. After 3 years of operations, they had to face many complications like

Unbearable sewerage treatment pit. They wanted to install a wastewater management plant. After 3 years of operation on the existing Sewerage Treatment Plant, they had to face many challenges like;

  1. Bad odor around Car Park
  2. Removal of sewerage from gully bowsers was expensive
  3. Unpleasant time for operating staff
  4. Overload the sewerage pits during rainy seasons
  5. Complaints from unit owners of the condominium complex

Due to the above problems they wanted to switch to a wastewater treatment plant.


They found Daiki Axis Sri Lanka when they were unhappy with the conventional wastewater treatment system they had. They requested us to replace the system. They were really happy with the cutting-edge Japanese Johkasou technology.

It only discharges a clear (Monochrome) treated water.

The Unit Owners said Condominium Complex is very satisfied with the Product, which presented & created an environment-friendly & attractive Car Park Area.



Inquiry and site visit


Installation and Activation


Once an inquiry has been made, our team will visit the site and prepare a quotation. After quotation has been accepted a layout of the drawings will be sent to the client. The product will be delivered after the civil and plumbing work has started. Then the test run is performed after the installation and the activation of the product before being handed over. Once the product has been installed and activated, we do periodical site visits and inspections to ensure the function and the quality of the product and submit reports.


They are very glad to state that, the Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) introduced & installed at their premises relived from above said all complications.

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