Domestic Johkasou Models

Daiki Axis offers Domestic Johkasou models designed specifically for domestic sewage and wastewater treatment in Sri Lanka, addressing the need to treat wastewater effectively. Domestic wastewater arises from human activities, such as cooking, bathing, washing, and hand cleaning. The main components of pollution in domestic wastewater include parameters such as BOD, Ammonia, TSS, TDS, T-N, T-P, and Coliform.

Untreated domestic wastewater, when discharged into the environment, can harm both environmental quality and the well-being of people near the wastewater discharge areas.

To mitigate these negative impacts, our Domestic Johkasou models are carefully engineered to efficiently treat domestic wastewater, ensuring it meets stringent quality standards before discharge. By removing harmful pollutants and pathogens, our Johkasou systems contribute to preserving the environment and safeguarding the health of local communities.


Note - Any other tolerance levels can be supplied as per customer requirement

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In addition to standard sizes and models, any capacity can be supplied as per customer requirement

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