About Daiki Axis

Daiki Axis Sri Lanka is a wholly owned subsidiary of Daiki Japan. The parent company Daiki has its origins in Matsuyuma City, Japan. In the 1950s, the need for wastewater treatment in Japan was at its highest and Daiki stepped in to fulfil that requirement.

Daiki Japan is a leader in the water treatment industry in Japan with its cutting-edge technology and ability to create many Industry firsts. The development of light and durable FRPs (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic) Johkasous was a game-changer for the industry. Currently, we are the largest producer of STPs (Sewage Treatment Plants) in the world.

Our efforts don’t just stop at providing our customers with clean and safe water. It also extends to protecting the environments that water runs through. Sustainability is at the heart of all of our water treatment initiatives.

President & CEO’s Message

We promote the conservation of water environment to the world”
Having spent half a century focusing on water and people’s lives, our goal is to continue working towards becoming an “eco-creation and development company” that provides greater support to humans and the natural environment.

Hiroshi OgamePresident & CGO (Chief Group Officer)

Almost half a century has passed since the “Declaration on the Human Environment” was made in Stockholm in 1972. We, Daiki believe that activities which create environments for the protection of water, soil and air -essential for human life and particularly those related to water for which our company already possess the technologies, will become extremely vital for our Earth. Daiki Axis will continue to carry out its water-related businesses to grow into a corporate group that continues to help build a living environment that is both earth-friendly and comfortable. Until the day we can truly be called an “eco-creation and development company,” all Daiki employees will work together and pour forth our utmost efforts as we move toward the future.

Company Overview

CompanyDaiki Axis Co., Ltd.
Date foundedJuly 12,2005
President & CEOHiroshi Ogame
ListedFirst Section, Tokyo Stock Exchange (Securities code: 4245)
Capital1.98329 billion yen (as of December 31,2018)
Number of employees747(consolidated basis, as of December 31,2018)
Company addressesMatsuyama Headquarters
1-9-1 Misawa, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime 791-8022
Tokyo Headquarters
PMO Higashi Nihonbashi 8F, 2-15-4 Higashi Nihonbashi, Chūo-ku, Tokyo 103-0004
Business ActivitiesDesign, construction, and maintenance of various types of wastewater treatment equipment
Manufacturing, distribution, designing, and construction of products using synthetic resin and other materials
Distribution and installation of various construction materials and household equipment
Refining and distribution of biodiesel fuel and sale of purification plants
Production and distribution of drinking water
Sales of solar power generation

Other Affiliated Companies


Tobu Co., Ltd.
Daitec Co.,ltd.
Tosetsu Co.,ltd.
Lec Industries Co.Ltd.
Sylphid Co.,ltd.
Dad Co.,ltd.
Da Invent Co.,ltd.
Environmental Analysis Center Co.,ltd.


Daiki Axis Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Crystal Clear Contractor Pte. Ltd.


Daqi Environmental Protection Engineering (Dalian) Co., Ltd.


Pt. Daiki Axis Indonesia


Daiki Axis India Pvt. Ltd.


Daiki Axis Myanmar

Global Presence of Daiki Axis

Daiki Axis Group has offices and affiliated companies in major cities in Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Through this network of security and reliability, we cover every detail of our customers’ requirements.

Daiki Axis Sri Lanka Team