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Daiki Axis Sri Lanka, a leading wastewater and sewage treatment product supplier, proudly operates as a fully owned subsidiary of Daiki Japan. Specialising in advanced Johkasou models, we bring cutting-edge technology to meet Sri Lanka's growing demand for efficient wastewater management systems.

Our parent company, Daiki, has been a pioneer in the Japanese water treatment industry since the 1950s, with its roots in Matsuyama City, Japan. Responding to the critical need for wastewater treatment in Japan, Daiki introduced groundbreaking solutions that set new industry standards.

Notably, our development of lightweight and durable FRPs (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic) Johkasous revolutionised the sector, making us the world's largest producer of STPs (Sewage Treatment Plants).

At Daiki Axis, sustainability is the heart of all our water treatment initiatives. We are dedicated to protecting the environments through which water flows, ensuring a greener, healthier future for all.

Product Categories

Domestic Johkasou Models

Designed for treating domestic sewage and wastewater that arises from human activities,
such as cooking, bathing, washing, and hand cleaning.

Regular Johkasou Models

Designed for industrial sewage management and wastewater treatment in Sri Lanka. The models are available in three styles and body types.​

Advanced Johkasou Models

Designed for managing industrial sewage and wastewater treatment in Sri Lanka. We can create treatment methods that use membrane and ion-exchange technology.

Where can Johkasou Wastewater Management Systems be Installed?

Daiki Axis Sri Lanka is a wholly owned subsidiary of Daiki Japan. The parent company Daiki has its origins in Matsuyuma City, Japan. In the 1950s, the need for wastewater treatment in Japan was at its highest and Daiki stepped in to fulfil that requirement.

Why is Johkasou Technology Superior?

The Japanese government has endorsed and widely implemented Johkasou products throughout Japan, leading to a remarkable 26% of the country's sewage being treated through Johkasou systems.

With over 8 million Johkasous operating in Japan and millions more worldwide, these systems are highly regarded globally.

The Johkasou Act enforces a strict 'Evaluation test' before market release, solidifying their reputation as the best wastewater treatment solution.

How can Treated Wastewater by Johkasou Technology be Reused:

Treated wastewater reuse generally refers to the process of using water for beneficial purposes.

Wastewater recycling helps to preserve aquatic life and biodiversity by reducing polluting discharges into surface water.

Wastewater reuse plays a pivotal role in mitigating water scarcity challenges by providing an alternative source of water for non-potable uses.

By responsibly repurposing treated water, we alleviate pressure on strained freshwater reserves and contribute to a more sustainable water cycle.


Grow crops with treated wastewater, a sustainable alternative to freshwater.


Heat boilers with treated wastewater, saving energy and money.

Vehicle Washing

Wash vehicles with treated wastewater, a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Toilet Flushing

Flush toilets with treated wastewater, reducing freshwater usage.

A/C Cooling Towers

Cool A/C cooling towers with treated wastewater, improving efficiency and saving energy.


At Daiki Axis, we're honoured to receive the prestigious INCO and NCSL Awards, acknowledging our dedication to sustainability and innovation.

We are proud to have received the award for 'The Best Sewerage and Wastewater Management Product of The Year' at the 29th Annual Construction Excellence Awards Ceremony organized by the National Construction Association of Sri Lanka (NCASL), Southern Province Branch.

Our mission is to significantly impact the environment through effective and efficient wastewater treatment solutions that preserve natural resources.

We prioritize the latest technologies, delivering sustainable and tailored solutions to meet our clients' unique needs. Our experienced team ensures exceptional service and support throughout the treatment process.

Understanding the Innovative Solutions Provided by Daiki Axis in Wastewater Treatment

Our Process

Inquiry & Site Visit

Daiki Team will visit your site and prepare a quotation once an inquiry has been made.


After the quotation has been accepted, a layout of the drawings will be sent. The product will be delivered once the civil and plumbing work has commenced.

Installation & Activation

A test run is performed after the installation and activation of the product before handing it over.


Once the product has been installed and activated, we conduct periodic site visits and inspections to ensure the functionality and quality of the product and then submit reports.

Our Clients in Sri Lanka & Worldwide

Discover our global footprint and local expertise as we proudly serve clients in Sri Lanka and across the world. Our commitment to delivering top-tier service and innovative solutions knows no bounds. Join our diverse portfolio of satisfied clients and experience the difference.

What Our Clients Say


What types of wastewater can be reused?

All wastewater discharged from houses, hotels, resorts, banks, hospitals, factories, schools, apartments, offices, and many more can be treated for reuse.

Will the Daiki Axis Johkasou be installed underground or on the ground?

Yes, all three types of Johkasou can be installed both underground and on the ground.

Does the Johkasou system need frequent cleaning?

No, the cleaning frequency of the Johkasou depends on its requirement and recommendation.

How much space is required to install the Johkasou?

A relatively small area is required to install the Johkasou.

How many liters of wastewater can a Johkasou store?

As per the customer’s requirements, we can supply any scale of Johkasou capable of storing wastewater.

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Your Trusted Partner for Wastewater Solution

Upgrade to a Sustainable Wastewater Treatment Solution With Our Johkasou Technology